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Chad Hake worked in a nursing home before becoming a CrossFitter. “I saw the lack of health and physical fitness and how it lead to the decline of quality of life,” he says. “I didn’t want this to be my fate, so I started working out.” Working out led to getting his personal training degree from NPTI. “After working as a trainer for a while, I decided to try CrossFit as it was getting more popular,” he says. “I fell in love with it and what it was trying to do with fitness. I got my L1 and started coaching with the CrossFit methodology. Eventually, I decided to open my own gym and haven’t looked back since.”
Founder of Elizabethtown Fitness and Performance
Chad Hake | OWNER

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Elizabethtown Fitness and Performance Coach

Zach Schober

Zach Schober specializes in sports performance and competitors training. He’s been a competitive athlete since high school in wrestling, track and field and pole vaulting. His most recent athletic accomplishment is earning 6th in the world at the CrossFit Liftoff in the 135-pound weight class. His favorite part of coaching is watching his members achieve their goals and being part of that process. “It is such a privilege to watch someone do something like a pull-up for the first time. To know you were part of not only their growth in fitness, but maybe mentally as well (doing things they never thought they would be able to do) is absolutely my favorite thing about our members,” he says
Elizabethtown Fitness and Performance Coach

Jason Cooley

Jason Cooley is an expert in positive motivation! He’s passionate about self-improvement in whatever he’s doing. “This goes for CrossFit, my personal life, and whatever my hobby/obsession of the day happens to be,” he says. “I figure if I am going to invest time in something, I want to make the most of it and try to be as good at it as I can possibly be.” Jason was an avid CrossFitter before he became a coach. “I am a consultant in my day-to-day life and am always looking for ways to more fully educate myself in my fields of interest, so I decided that getting my L1 would be the next logical step for me,” he says. “After I received my L1, I shadowed a number of coaches at Trinium and First Law to further enhance my understanding of what it requires to be a coach. It is my hope that I can help foster in others the type of transformation and self-discovery I have found through CrossFit.”
Elizabethtown Fitness and Performance Coach

Bill Berry

Bill Berry has been CrossFitting for an amazing seven years and specializes in working with older clients. Bill started CrossFitting at age 53 and became a coach after three years. “I’m passionate about helping people become healthy, fit and able to do life’s daily responsibilities with greater physical ease,” he says. “I love to see people overcome what seemed impossible.” Bill has been married to his wife, Connie, for 43 years, and they have three children and eight grandchildren. In his 30s, he was a competitive tennis player. He’s competed in the CrossFit Games three times in the 55+ and 60+ age brackets.