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Don’t let age be an excuse

I got a message the other day from a perspective client that said “I’m sorry. I think I have to cancel my consultation. I think I am just too old to train the way you do at your gym.”

Now, I can understand where this thought comes from. You may go online or onto our Facebook page and start researching “Crossfit” or watching some videos of our members or someone else doing things that may look intimidating or something you think you are not able to do. Especially if you are older it could be off putting to see people half your age doing these things and think “this isn’t the place for me.” I get it. But its far from the truth! (just for reference, we have members that are 65+)

I started this business to keep people out of nursing homes. Actually, I selfishly started it to keep MYSELF out of a nursing home later in life. I then realized it should apply to EVERYONE. Exercise, done correctly, will help improve your quality of life. Resistance training, mobility, eating better. These are things that will lead to a higher quality of life and keep it quality for longer. (and may actually add a couple years!) You may do some research and see some gyms doing some big lifts or some crazy endurance workout or wanting to make every member an athlete. While that is fun for some people, that is not our goal for everybody. Really, only a small portion.

No matter what age you are but especially as you get older, resistance training is essential. Now, that training will look different depending on your fitness level, restrictions/needs, and SOMETIMES your age. Our goal at Elizabethtown Fitness and Performance is to meet you where you are at now and build from there. Workouts will be modified. Movements can be changed. Our expert coaches do it all the time, even for “young” people.

Starting a new program, at any age, can be scarry. Maybe especially as you get older. You may not have worked out in years. You may think you are “too out of shape to start this kind of program”. You may be overweight. You may need to be cautious of an injury or scared you may hurt yourself. (The last thing you want is to come into a gym and hurt yourself.) But, especially as you get older, it becomes more and more important to do resistance training so you DON’T hurt yourself. Resistance training builds bone density (harder to break bones). It builds lean muscle mass and reduces fat (giving you the ability to be stronger or get off the floor for example). In the case of a gym like ours, it gives you a chance to get out, socialize, and be around people who will support you. Opposed to the alternative… not starting (the WORST option). Sitting on the couch. Getting weaker and more decrepit. Eventually, less strength, mobility, injuries, and… eventually… the nursing home.

Our gym is also not a “do it yourself” kind of gym. It may seem easier to go to another gym, get a membership, and AWAY YOU GO! However, the staff isn’t very helpful (they probably aren’t trained professionals). You are expected to do things on your own. (hopefully not leading to an injury while guessing what to do) You are not sure what you should be doing (is it doing anything for you?). You probably lose motivation very quickly this way and stop going. (see above alternative into nursing home). At Elizabethtown Fitness and Performance, you are with a coach from the moment you walk in for your consultation. We get to know you. Your wants. Your needs. Your possible restrictions/injuries. We make a plan for you to succeed. You then train closely with that coach over some one on one session to make sure everything is going ok before you ever start a class. This sets you up for SUCCESS! After that, if you choose to go into class as opposed to stay with private coaching, the coaches know exactly what you need, how you move, and how to modify for your needs!

So, the answer is… no matter what age you are… you CAN do a program that we provide. You CAN succeed! Even though it may be intimidating to start I promise that when you do you will be so happy you did. Your quality of life will improve. You will feel stronger and happier. You may even make some new friends!

In the end, your gym should improve your life and keep you out of a nursing home in the long run. Your gym should have your longevity in mind (no matter what age you are). Your gym should meet your needs and not throw you into a program (especially an athlete one). All gyms are different. Do some research for sure! Our goal at Elizabethtown Fitness and Performance is your longevity and quality of life. Age is just a number. Don’t make it an excuse.

If you would like to talk about how we can do that for you, just call or message us. We would love to talk about how we can help you!



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