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What a vacuum taught me

Once, I bought a vacuum cleaner. IT SUCKED! (badum dum) However, this vacuum taught me so much about value that I still think about it often when I am making decisions.

When I first started up my gym, I bought a lot of things. Opening a gym is not cheap! I figured, why not cut cost where I can? In this case, it was just a vacuum. It sucked up dirt off the floor. Pretty simple. I think I spent $35 or so on it. (I don’t remember exactly how much but it was cheap) It worked well and then… I started noticing things were being left on the floor. Bits of dirt, paper, chalk, hairs, all that. A couple passes picked it up. No big deal. Then, one day, the vacuum started to smoke! (and not in a way some people do when they are a teen) I remember it had a really bad smell, made an awful noise, then died. This was like three weeks in.

I was pretty mad! I just bought this thing! It wasn’t expensive, but now I had to get another one! Even though it wasn’t expensive, we were running pretty lean and didn’t have money to burn!

Once I told my wife about this her words were something like “What do you expect? You get what you pay for!” (I’m sure you have heard that many times in your life) Then, my wife in her infinite wisdom, selected a vacuum for me to buy that was at least three times more expensive than my first one!

What!? I’m trying to save money here! A vacuum is a vacuum! It sucks up dirt! Why should I pay that much for a dirt sucker!? But, I listened to my wife (as most husbands eventually do) and made the purchase of an expensive, multipurpose, pet hair grade vacuum….

I have had that vacuum at the gym for 8 years.

I look back on this story often when I am choosing what/how to buy things. When I am pondering how much value to put into a purchase, I think of this vacuum. Often, it leads me to the more expensive, but valuable, purchase. I have never been disappointed.

So… you may guess where I am going with this. We sometimes get people saying, “Your gym is too expensive.” My response is “it’s worth it.”

I’ll put it into perspective. Our gym is not cheap. You could probably get a full month membership at another gym that you get for one week at our gym. Why? Quality matters! I’ll go deeper.

If you sign up for a “normal” gym, you pay your membership fee and off you go! You are probably in a gym with a sea of treadmills, a bunch of machines, maybe some free weights… and you are left to your own devices. You may be excited. Maybe you know what you are doing. Maybe you found a workout routine from men’s/women’s fitness. Maybe you are just going to wing it because how hard can it be?

How many times have you tried that? Hopefully it is your first because, often times, you will stop going to the gym when you realize achieving that goal of losing 30lbs is way harder than you thought and going into a gym by yourself is kind of boring. Your commitment to yourself fades. You then continue to pay your membership fee for months without going until you reluctantly decide to cancel. (its hard to admit defeat) Until, just maybe, next new years resolution. You’ll do it this time! Maybe….

What you should realize is… you just bought a bad vacuum. You have wasted money.

Maybe its time to invest in a better vacuum. Yourself. (Not saying you suck.)

Our gym is the better, more valuable, purchase.

You are going to spend more money. Yes. I will not tell you our service is cheap. It’s worth it. If you are still looking for a discount, DIY, box checker gym, we are not the place. (you get what you pay for) You will achieve more results in six months that you did two years at that other place. People have told me this. (Now… that does depend on your commitment to yourself. That is another post)

What you will get at our gym is focus. A program that will get you results. Coaches that help you every step of the way and get to know you and your specific wants and needs. You will work either one on one with a coach or in a group. Very often the one-on-one works better but is more expensive. (maybe you should invest in that better vacuum?) You will have motivation from your coaches and peers so you wont stop coming in. And, when you are having fun and want to come in, you will be consistent. With consistency comes results. And those results come quicker! Leading to, a much happier, you!

I have learned that its way better to invest more into something that will get you more results. In the end, it saves me time and money (even though I paid more up front for it) Yes. I am suggesting you invest more of your hard-earned dollars. I’m suggesting you should spend it on the most important thing. Yourself! Your health and fitness. Your longevity. Your ability to keep up with your kids or wear that two piece at the beach this summer. Invest in confidence when you look in the mirror. Invest in better sleep, a positive attitude, a better relationship with your body.

What is that worth to you? I’m sure its more than a cheap vacuum. You want to be able enjoy life way into your old age and enjoy it more along the way. (I’m sure my vacuum enjoys its life at the gym instead of a garbage dump)

I invested in a good vacuum. It taught me a lot. It taught me to spend more up front to get better results and save on stress and headaches later. It saved me time and money even though I spent more up front. I am asking you to invest in your health. You will not be disappointed that you do.

If you are committed and would like to start a program that will get you long term results, message us. We would love to meet you and show you how we can help you.


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